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Versatek VX-1000MDI recovery

Versatek VX-1000MDI recovery

This is my second post. I hope I can share further experiences I am having so I can help others facing similar issues.

Versa Technologies, Inc. VX-1000MDI DSLAM

I’ve got a Versa Technologies, Inc. VX-1000MDI so I could finally simulate a WAN ADSL connection similar to those that ISPs provide to home Internet users. Device is a DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) 24 port ADSL 2+ concentrator. ADSL ports are available via a RJ21 female connector. I will need a breakout cable or similar to be able to connect my ADSL router to it! Those 24 ADSL lines share a 100Mbps connection to network (bridge only) via a standard RJ45 port. There is also available a serial Console terminal port via a DE9 male connector.

Versatek VX-1000MDI – Back panel

Versatek VX-1000MDI – Inside case

Versatek VX-1000MDI – Front panel

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How to Setup a serial Console connection

How to Setup a serial Console connection

Most managed devices like switches, routers and others allow a direct connection via a serial Console connection.


Console terminal serial port (COM port)

A compatible Console terminal can be setup with a PC running Windows or Linux with at least one COM port connector (male type). If your system does not have a COM port you can get an USB – COM adapter to have at least one COM port connector.

COM2 (DB25 male) and COM1 (DE9 male) ports USB – COM (DE9 male) adapter
COM1 and COM2 (both DE9 male) ports

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